The Center for Qualitative Research is a branch of CID-Gallup Latin America, specialized in qualitative research. This center -one of a kind in Central America- was created to provide a facility in which to conduct in-depth analysis of consumer opinions and attitudes, and to offer the most advanced installations to the qualitative researcher. 


The installations at C.E.C. are ideal for the implementation of the latest market research techniques. These include focus groups, triads, diads, in-depth interviews (used in life histories and in ethnomethodology), product tests, blind tests, evaluation and measurement of advertising campaigns, speeches, TV spots, press advertising, and the analysis of any other type of advertising and mass communications materials. 


C.E.C. also offers the help of professional moderators, experienced in a wide variety of areas, as well as the most advanced technical support such as diverse types of audio and video recording and playback, and top of the line observation rooms. C.E.C offers the use of perception analyzers, a tool that uses real time technology to objectively measure the participants' responses to TV advertising. Likewise, various session rooms meet the requirements of different types of social groups: children, teenagers, adult population, and businessmen and women.