CID Gallup has been giving consulting services to its clients since its inception. Now, in the 21st century, these services are given in three very specific areas. These areas have specialized personnel able to offer services as follows:

  1. Segmentation of a company's customers and design of programs and/or services for said partitions. Knowledge of the company's financial area is especially important. CID Gallup considers that in this era of specialization, those who sell goods and services must be able to identify their customer's needs with increasing precision, offering services that are tailored to the customer's needs.
  2. Quality auditing services, with constant metric follow-up services. First, the customer's needs are established and then the difference between offer and demand is pondered. About every six months, meetings are held where goals are set and the company's progress is evaluated in terms of offering real quality service to its customers.
  3. Political campaign strategic services. We not only collect information, but we interpret it and give recommendations of actions to be taken in the organizational, communications, and finance areas. Electronic communication entities are designed, and we work with candidates to help them better understand the electoral market, and how to address them properly.