Business executives are those who are principally held accountable for the quality of work and the company's financial profits. In order for employees to perform their duties efficiently, it is necessary that they are satisfied with their work. They also must have the necessary level of commitment and desire to continue working with the company in the future, thereby justifying the investment the company makes in training them. Being aware that limited resources exist for personnel development and that every company must focus its efforts on those factors most influential on employee satisfaction and the bottom line, CID Gallup has designed the Work Place Evaluation. The Evaluation allows executives, with the aid of the " Pyramid of Satisfaction", to work on those workplace factors that will most likely lead to an increase in company profits. At the same time, they can reduce company investment in personnel training once the study's conclusions have been applied by designing a work program based on satisfied employees disposed to help the company. 


The objectives of the Work Place Evaluation are linked to the needs of each company under study: - Evaluate the satisfaction levels of employees in their positions and the efforts they feel they are making to improve their work efficiency. - Learn what factors have the most impact on employee job satisfaction. - Learn to what degree employees desire to stay with the company and the factors that have the most impact on employee satisfaction in order to reduce personnel turnover. - Identify variables that allow company executives to design an action plan with a view towards increasing employee productivity and reducing personnel turnover.